Peeling the Onion

If you’ve ever peeled an onion, you know that it takes time and effort to reach the seed in the center. Though an onion begins with a seed, as it grows, layers upon layers conceal that seed. Onions are messy, and they fill your home with a stinging smell that can make your eyes water. Peeling them isn’t an easy task, but it’s necessary if we want to use them in our cooking.

So what does your destiny have to do with an onion? Just like the onion, we start as a seed—the genesis of our makeup, designed by God, when we’re first created. As time goes on, however, and we begin life, we start layering things on top of that seed. Life hits us with fears, disappointments, hurt, frustration, and difficult circumstances.

The mistake that so many of us make is that we end up trying to live our lives from behind all of those layers. We never really uncover who we are, because we come to the conclusion that the work of peeling away all those layers is too costly.

But when we take the time and effort to peel the onion…when we return to the core of who God made us to be… that’s when we you begin to live the lives that God called us to live. That’s when you begin to live from your purest place—the place of identity.

God’s desire for you is that you would live from a place of security in the identity He’s given you! John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give us abundant life! So the question you need to answer today is, “What layers are keeping me from realizing my full potential in Christ, and how can I remove those layers with His help?”

Peeling the onion isn’t easy; but it’s so, eternally worth the work.

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