Am I Really Desired By God?

The Bible talks about how much God loves us, but does he really love EVERYONE? Surely he only loves the perfect Christians who never make mistakes, but does he truly love me, too? The answer is an abounding YES, and Pastor Van Moody explains it all this plan, based on his book Desired by God.

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The I-Factor 7-Day Reading Plan

This reading plan explores the importance of developing a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can fully enjoy the purpose and plan that God has for you.

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The I-Factor Book

The key to the life you want is inside you.
One question lies behind every struggle we face: How do I deal with myself? Behind all our stumbles, behind each of our missteps, behind every one of our failings lies an inability to handle what Van Moody calls the “I-Factor.” More than self-worth or self-respect, beyond even character and perception of purpose, the I-Factor is about managing yourself—your whole life—well. In his inspiring new book, Moody reveals how to get hold of your I-Factor.

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The I-Factor Small Group Study Guide

Take your understanding of The I-Factor to a deeper level. In this 8-Week Small Group Study, you will learn more about your I-Factor, discover important insights about how it affects your life, and connect with others for further growth. Grab this material. Gather your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors and Grow to achieve the life of greatness you are destined for.

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The I-Factor Small Group Study Guide Video Companion

This Video Companion accompanies the 8-Week Small Group Study Guide. Each week, while going through the 8-Week Small Group Study Guide, you will watch one of these Town Hall teaching and discussion videos led by Van Moody and then discuss it with your Small Group. This Video Companion also contains “Host Lifters” that will equip and empower you to lead a great Small Group.

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The People Factor Book

The relationships in your life will make the difference between happiness and misery.

The right relationship will launch you to the heights of achievement; the wrong one will tether you to mediocrity. Your relationships will be your sources of greatest joy and your venues of greatest pain. Van Moody says, “When people show you who they are, pay attention.”

We need to undertake the important task of evaluating our relationships intelligently. We need to recognize the people with whom God has called us to walk in mutually beneficial relationships and to identify those who will derail our destinies or hinder His purposes for our lives. It is high time we cultivate our Relational IQs, understanding not only how to build great relationships but also how to avoid or skillfully exit bad ones.

God works in our lives through our relationships. Yet, all too often, we get our relationship advice from the most toxic sources we can find. The People Factor is based on the most effective, trustworthy relationship book of all time: the Bible.

If you hunger for a richer, more fulfilling life, your Relational IQ is the place to start. If you put The People Factor principles to work, you will become stronger, happier, and healthier in all your relationships. You will be a better spouse, a better friend, a better boss, a better parent, and a better person.

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The Living Word For Living Life Book

Everyone travels a different path through life. At times our steps are lighthearted and carefree; at times they are heavy, burdened by difficulty, stress or devastating situations beyond our control. Wherever we are on the journey, we are never alone. God is our constant companion, always going before us and always walking beside us. God wants us to go through life with strength, wisdom and joy. And He’s given us His Word to tell us how to do it. The Living Word for Living Life includes 35 of the most common situations people face, along with biblical truths to help us walk through those circumstances in ways that guarantee our victory.

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Who is the Holy Spirit? What is his purpose in my life? What does it mean to be “filled” with the Spirit? Listen as Pastor Van provides clarity to questions many have as it relates to the Holy Spirit. Gain a clear understanding of who the Spirit is, his role in your life, and the benefits of living according to his direction.

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The Bottom Line

Financial freedom is the heartfelt desire of many, but to many, attainment seems lofty. What do you do when bills are excessive, retirement is an afterthought, and saving is only a dream? This four-part series can be used as a guide to place you on the road to freedom and prosperity.

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What Does The Church Look Like

Does today’s church resemble Jesus? Walk with Pastor Van through this series that studies the characteristics of God’s church. Not the building, but you and I. Get ready to have your thoughts, words, and actions examined as we become what He intends for us to be.

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Someone once said, “Our intentions create our reality.” In this series, you will be challenged to live life on purpose. Coincidences cannot be the norm. This seven message series will lead you to a life that is impactful, influential, and God-centered.

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Childhood dreams of being doctors, school teachers, and firefighters once flooded our minds. As children, we dreamed we would one day change the world. But what happened to that dream? This series will reignite the fire in you! It will remind you that with hard work and determination, dreams still do come true.

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