Seeing Yourself Differently: The Part of Switching Seasons That Few People Remember

Do you know what so many people neglect to do when changing seasons? The answer is simple, but it’s probably not something you actively consider when going through a transition.

When we’re changing seasons, it’s essential to shift the way we see ourselves.

Look at the example of Moses and Joshua. When Moses died, it was Joshua’s time to lead the nation of Israel into the Promised Land. Great, right? The only problem was how Joshua saw himself. Why was this a problem? Because, for the past forty years, Joshua had been Moses’s understudy. He’d been in the background, aiding, supporting, and learning. Joshua had been behind the scenes. Even when he was one of twelve spies to scout out Canaan, his opinion about the Promised Land had been drowned out by the disbelief of ten others.

Joshua saw himself in a certain way, not because he lacked faith or strength, but simply because he’d been playing a certain role until this transition. It had been a different season. There is a time and place to be a student, a mentee, and a learner. That’s so important to leadership. However, if we’re not careful, your season will change without you realizing it.

If we’re not careful, everything around us will shift, but the way we see ourselves won’t. Joshua had to understand himself as a prominent, responsible leader of a nation. He had to go through this shift in order to lead successfully and effectively. Likewise, as we change seasons, we have to change the way we see ourselves.

How do you see yourself today versus one year ago? What’s changed externally? Has your self-view changed accordingly? What might you need to adjust in your perspective of yourself?

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  1. This was very helpful to me especially about the illustration between Moses and Joshua. I lost my mom to cancer on March 6 of this year. My whole entire season has changed. She was my best friend, mentor, counselor, and most importantly my mom. I am the oldest of 5 siblings. After my mom died I feel this void that is so deep in my heart. I feel like I’m in her spot now and I don’t know how to be a Joshua for my family. Pray that God will help me through this season on change. It’s a hard one for sure.

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